Church Renovation

 Church areaChurch Refurbishing

As the Rooted In Faith campaign comes to a close we are moving forward to fulfill one of our major parish goals. The Church Building Refurbishing Committee has worked out a plan over the last year. Bishop Thomas has approved a capital project to enlarge and renovate the current restroom and sacristy area to provide for ADA accessible restrooms, a more functional maintenance room, and some additional storage and office space.

We have engaged Smith Architects of Chagrin Falls, Ohio to develop the drawings and plans for the project.

Office Security Improvement

The new door security system for the church and church office will be installed during Easter week. This will be in operation mainly in the late afternoon and evenings. A camera and buzzer system similar to the one at the school building will be installed inside the vestibule. The inner doors of the vestibule will be locked electronically. The office personnel will buzz you in. Look for more information in next week’s bulletin.

Renovation Documents (click on link to view):

Domus Ecclesiae

Built of Living Stones

Church Renovation Bulletin Insert (3/18/2018)









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