Thank you to EVERYONE who came to the Festival!


First Prize     $7,500   Pat McGarry

Second Prize   $500   Brett Kotnik

Third Prize      $250   Sophia Buzecan


Chinese Auction Prizes are available for pick up in the St. Justin Martyr Parish Office. Office hours are 9:00-4:30pm Monday-Friday, 9am-noon on Sunday. Please bring your ID to claim.  Please come to enjoy your prize ASAP.

Basket # Basket Name Winner Name
Apple AirPods Louise Ruffner
2 Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend Linda Angelo
3 NE Party Game! Linda Angelo
4 Too hot to cook! Nicole Ferraro
5 Amazon Bundle Elaine Eidan
6 Night at Music Box Lois Ivanc
7 Cookout in a Coller Filippo Scafidi
8 Take care of Pearly Whites Carol Siebert
9 Take me to ball game Diane Morony
10 Do you know what time it is? Joe Jambrozy
11 TOMY Gator Kathy Click
12 Fire Pit H. Brown
13 $$$ Mary Grant
14 Lego Back to School Pack Mary LaManna
15 Holden Arboretum Loretta Farrier
16 Family Game Night the Misterkas
17 To the Salon Beth Opalich
18 What a Crock! Carla Klamic
19 Bringing Home Baby Brianna Greco
20 Dubrovnik Gardens Donna Gasser
21 Back to School Pack Pat Tomba
22 Dinner and Dessert Matt Yuko
23 Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner! Karen Orlando
24 Pamper Yourself Melanie Melaragno
25 Crayola Crazy Maureen Shultz
26 Perler Caps the Misterkas
27 For the New Mom Peggy Hornyak
28 Pari Indian Cuisine Mary Grant
29 Eat and Get Out! Peggy Phipps
30 Come together, righ now, over me Sharon Nichting
31 Fun in the Sun Brian Bammerlin
32 God Shed His Grace on Thee Laura Ludwig
33 Salon GT Carol Siebert
34 Lunch at Home or in the Office Nicole Pabpas
35 Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas Lori Koetzner
36 A Day in Geneva-on-the-Lake Larry Isom
37 But First…Coffee Becky Sawyers
38 Breakfast Club Starter Kit Sandra Shell
39 Her we go Brownies! Sandy Santilli
40 Happy Planning Brooke Palermo
41 OsteoStrong Judy Meech
42 Let’s go to the movies…at home! the Misterkas
43 When Irish Eyes are Smilin’ Maureen Spooner
44 Lake County Captains 013139
45 At the Car Wash Julie Cales
46 Once a Cougar… Katie Aurand
47 Akron Fossil and Science Museum Kathy Grobar
48 Iced Cup of Joe Melanie Melaragno
49 Keep it Squeaky Clean Linda Novak
50 He’s a Grand Old Flag Becky Sawyers
51 For the Wine Connoisseur Loretta Vanagas
52 For the Beauty Beth Roebuck
53 Kitchen Gadgets Hannah Szabo
54 Mystery Gift Card Bundle Pam Gresko
55 Do you have a green thumb? Margie Kozlowski
56 I Scream, You Scream Gordon Moser
57 Hippity Hoppity Chris Dalpiaz
58 That’s Amore! Peggy Phipps
59 Serenity Now Ginny Billson
60 Cleveland Cavaliers Swag Bag Gerri Spisich
61 Cleveland Rocks Lori McNeely
62 Fun for the Kiddies Carolyn Washick



St. Justin Parish