Just-In Fun


Due to the social distancing restrictions and the safety of our passengers, the decision has been made to cancel all Just In Fun trips for 2020. Unfortunately the COVID- 19 is a very serious pandemic virus which affects our daily lives. When we are able to start up again, you will be notified through either this website, email, church bulletin or a personal call. Thank you for your patience and hope everyone is safe and healthy.

Here are some things that you can do during these times to help others:

Send some snail mail:
Handwritten cards and letters are more special than ever, perhaps because electronic communication is increasingly supplanting them. Recipients can display the cards and re-read correspondence to remind themselves that you care.

Work on a jigsaw puzzle:
There are so many available! Some have as few as 15 pieces, which might work well for people with dementia or less dexterity. Work on the puzzle then send a picture to a friend or family member! When finished, take it apart and send to a friend!!

Make a give-a-way box:
Looking to clean out some things from your jewelry box, picture stash, or garage? Box up some good things to recycle to give to a niece, grandchild or friend! Make Christmas in July, August, etc.

Pray for peace. Pray for guidance. Pray for health. There are many ways to pray and thousands of people to pray for!

Spend time reading:
Reading is a fantastic activity for older adults. It’s a fun way to spend time and keep the brain engaged. It can also improve memory, reduce stress, improve sleep, and delay cognitive decline.
Whether you like reading physical books, magazines, using an e-reader, or listening to audiobooks, they can immerse themselves in a well-told story, look at photographs, or learn about an interesting new topic. Organizing a book club among their friends is another way for seniors to enjoy reading and socializing.

Exercise regularly:
Even if you’re older and not very mobile, there may still be exercises they can do to get their bodies moving. Whether you’re sitting or standing, you can still get the health and mood benefits, especially from seated exercises or chair yoga routines.
There are also exercise routines that can be done using a walker for stability or just focused on the feet and ankles to reduce swelling.

Spend time outdoors:
Getting outside to spend a little time in nature is relaxing and a great mood booster. Even with limited mobility means that you can only get to the porch or sit next to a big window, getting some fresh air or viewing the scenery is a great everyday activity.

Enjoy movies, TV shows, or music:
Watching TV all day, every day isn’t a healthy pastime, but a movie or a couple of TV shows can be an enjoyable part of the day or week. Watching TV could even intersect with a hobby. For example, you might be interested in watching a documentary on a topic they’re learning about. Or, channels like the Food Network or the Travel Channel could inspire new recipes to try or travel destinations to learn about. Listening (or singing along!) to music they enjoy is another great activity. Music has the power to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. It also improves immune function and sleep as well as helping memory.

Participate in charitable works:
Even if you aren’t very mobile or homebound, they can still give back to the community. This is a wonderful way to stay engaged and feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Find any projects you could contribute to. That could mean knitting or crocheting blankets or hats or Prayer Shawls, creating no-sew blankets, or helping to assemble care packages.

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