Lent Parish Mission

St. Justin Martyr Lenten Mission
March 12-15, 2017

Sunday-Wednesday: 7:00pm Mission
Monday-Wednesday: 9:00am Mass
(Fr. Conley preaching)

Sacrament of Penance following Mass (Fr. Conley will be available throughout the day for reconciliation, spiritual direction and counseling-please call the office to schedule an appointment.

VISION: From Wounds to Wonder
(Seeing as God Sees)
Zephaniah 3:14-20 Mark 10:46-52

“Here and now” (vs. pie-in-the-sky) spirituality, returning again and again to the Scriptures for the message of God’s unconditional love…and seeing as God sees.

PASSION: From Magic to Mystery
(Cultivating Spiritual Growth)
Romans 8:31b-39 Luke 12:49:56

Spirituality that moves deeper, a challenge to experience the fire of God-relationship, especially when we feel we’re withering.

FORGIVENESS: From Hurt to Harmony
(A Nightmare in My Closet)
Numbers 21:4-9 Luke 19:1-10

The Gospel challenge to “embrace our shadow” and not blame or project on others. Freedom comes when we name, claim, then tame our inner monsters, trusting in God’s forgiveness.

HOPE: From Grumbling to Gratitude
(To Expect the Unexpected)
Jeremiah 29:10-15 John 20:11-18

The movement from cynicism and suspicion to a sense of wonder…openness to the God of surprises, knowing our time to be a threshold of hope, and not a doomsday of despair.

Fr Jack ConleyPresenter
Fr. Jack Conley, C.P.
Passionist Community at Catholic
Theological Union, Chicago, IL

Fr. Jack Conley has been a member of the Passionist Order since 1972.  They are an order of Roman Catholic Clergy and Laity who proclaim God’s love for the world revealed through the Passion of Jesus Christ.

Father received his training in psychology from DePaul University and his theology at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, with further studies at Notre Dame, Catholic University and Rome.  Ordained in 1976, he has served as Director of Vocations (Passionist Community in Chicago), Campus Minister (Louisville, KY, Bellarmine College), Associate Retreat Director (Houston and Detroit) and Pastor (Immaculate Conception Church in Chicago and Saint Agnes Church in Louisville).  He has preached Missions and Retreats throughout the United States and Canada.

This Mission will benefit the entire family. Bring your neighbors and friends! There will be activities for younger children, and babysitting available for younger family members. Be sure to RSVP for babysitting to RSVP@stjustin.net. In the text include number and ages of children, and as the subject line: Mission Babysitting.

Click here for a copy of the flyer.

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