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Contact: Sue Gagliano, Director, SJM Preschool, 440-946-5414 or

St. Justin Martyr Preschool provides a creative learning environment for young children. Education research indicates that these early years are crucial for learning, and, in fact, form the basis for future learning.

Interaction with other children and adults, in an atmosphere of Christian love and concern, promotes the healthy development of each child. Learning experiences and play activities encourage spiritual, intellectual, social, language and physical development.

3 YEAR OLD (by September 30, 2017)     2 day program, $110 per month, $990 per year.

Registration fee, $35 (paid with registration form) and second semester fee, $35 due January, 2018

Classes on Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00-10:45am

4 YEAR OLD (by September 30, 2017)

Classes held on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8:00-10:45am

Tuition: $150 per month, $1,350 per year.

Registration fee $45 (paid with registration form) and second semester fee of $45 due January 2018.

Preschool will begin the week of Labor Day.


St. Justin Martyr preschool goals are to:

  • Foster a warm Catholic Christian environment
  • Develop effective attitudes and values for life.
  • Encourage academic growth through a sound curriculum and a strong instructional program
  • Become aware that he/she is a child of God and grow in His love.

Registration Requirements for Preschool Students:

  1. Completed registration form with first semester fee (non-refundable)
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate
  3. Copy of Baptismal Certificate
  4. Physical form/Authorized pick-up forms due August 1, 2017.
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