Weekly Bulletin

Contact: Louise Formica, Phone: 440-946-1177, Fax: 440-946-9126, louise@stjustin.net,

The St. Justin Martyr weekly bulletin is available to all parishioners and includes news for the parish as well as diocesan activities of interest. The Sunday Bulletin is the primary source for timely communication of parish activities and “happenings” at neighboring parishes or within the civic community.

Articles and flyers are to be at the parish office by 4:00p.m. Mondays a week before the bulletin is published. General information should be submitted 10 days prior to printing of Sunday Bulletin. Notices should be submitted ready for typing or scanning – the office will not assume responsibility for editing or correcting facts and reserves the right to edit.

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June 2021 (print versions available in Church)






For bulletins before 2020 please call the Parish Office


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