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Justin Fun First Trip to Hartville, June 24, 2021.

Heart of the Shepherd

St. Justin Martyr Parish is delighted to announce that our parish has decided to join the Heart of a Shepherd campaign for the Diocese of Cleveland. This is an extraordinary Diocesan-wide effort to better meet and serve the needs of the St. Mary and Borromeo seminaries, current seminarians, and our newly-ordained and retired clergy via a renovation to the seminaries, support to clergy pensions, and relief for clergy tuition debt.

A $30 million campaign will support our mission to create an environment that fosters spiritual, social, academic growth and accompaniment. St. Justin Martyr Parish will benefit as well. Half of every dollar raised toward this effort will support repaying our renovation loan, enhancing our livestreaming and technology capabilities, addressing property repairs and upgrades, and strengthening our parish’s endowment fund.

For more information click on this link


Blood Drive ~ St. Justin Martyr Church

Sunday, May 16  8am-2pm

Schedule an appointment online at and enter sponsor code: Stjustinmartyr or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.


Coffee and Conversation Group

Do you miss seeing your St. Justin Martyr friends?  Would you like to be part of a virtual get together? Join the Coffee and Conversation Group! This group meets virtually on Thursday MORNING at 11:00AM.  If you are interested,  email Beth,  Invite your friends to join in and see each other. Easy log in instructions will be sent to you. 



Live Streaming of Masses:  We will continue to live stream Masses on Facebook and YouTube. Masses will be available to view live and after at YouTube and Facebook .  The Diocesan Web page has all the information and updates you need on the current updates of the COVID-19.  Click here for more information.


Notes on watching our streaming services:

Facebook. Users can log into the events without a Facebook account.  Facebook may ask you to join, but you can ignore the button that pops up.  You can disregard the pop-up and click on the service you would like to watch.

YouTube. If you prefer, our services will also be shown on our YouTube Channel.  If using YouTube, I would suggest subscribing to the channel so that it pops up easier for you.




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